Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Part A:
In 20 minutes, build to 5RM dead-stop Deadlift

Part B:
E2MOM for 16 mins
Rd 1: 500/450m Row
Rd 2: 100 Double Unders
Rd 3: 3/2 Rope Climbs
Rd 4: Rest

C: 450/400m row, 75 double under, 2/1 rope climbs

M: 400/300 row / 100 single under or 1 min of double under practice / 6/4 rope stand-ups


Part A Intent: The 5 reps for this dead-stop DL must be perfect. Reset each rep from the ground – no bouncing, no touch and go, no bad form. If you’re unsure, ask your coach to watch.

Part B Intent: Another chance to test your fitness. These EMOMs are designed to be challenging and you should have at least :15 seconds of rest every round. If you aren’t sure you can make it, scale to the level down.