Wednesday, 6 February 2019

CrossFit Kids for 10-15 year olds. Every Tuesday and Thursday at 415pm. Sign up here to join!


Part A:
EMOM 10 mins
Clean Pull + drop
Then, Power Clean + Hang Power Clean @ 70% of 1 RM

*Can build over 10 sets or stay steady at 70%

Part B:
15 Russian KBS (2/1.5)
10 Box Jump Overs (30/24)
21 Russian KBS
10 Box Jump Overs
27 Russian KBS
10 Box Jump Overs

I/C – Same
M – 1/.66 pd and 24/20 Box Jump or Step Overs


Clean Pull is to triple extension. At that point, drop the bar. Then pick it back up and complete the Power Clean + HPC complex. The purpose of the clean pull is to enforce good alignment and full extension. No arm bend on the clean pull!