Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Indoor classes, everyday! Remember that you must have a current membership to sign up for classes, with each class capped at 12 + 3 open gym spots, 2 of which may be used as outdoor class slots.

Current Class Schedule:
M-F: 0530, 0900, 1100, 1630, 1800, 1930* (*Tues/Thurs = Circuit Fit), no 1930 class on Fridays
Sat: 0800, 0930, 1100
Sun: 0800 (circuit fit/open gym), 0930 (circuit fit/open gym)

Sign up ahead of time on Wodify to ensure a class spot! If you cannot attend a class that you’ve signed up for then you must cancel one hour prior in order to not be assessed a visit.


Part A:
4×3 (85% of 1 RM)

Part B:
AMRAP 4 mins
200m Run
Max. RMU in remaining time.

~REST 3 mins~

AMRAP 4 mins
200m Run
Max Ring Dips in remaining time.

C: Strict Pull Ups, Box Dips
M: Ring Rows, Box Dips