Wednesday, 20 May 2020

The next Gear Lending Day is Saturday, May 23rd, 11a-3p.

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Zoom Class for Thursday’s WOD!
Tune in at 7am or 6pm, Monday.
Link is on our FB Group Page.


Part A:
4 Sets, increasing weight per set, if possible*
6-8 Weighted Bulgarian Split Squats, Right
8 Unweighted Bulgarian Split Squats, Right
6-8 Weighted Bulgarian Split Squats, Left
8 Unweighted Bulgarian Split Squats, Left

*To be completed with a BB in the front or rear rack position, or with one or two odd objects. Rest 2-3 mins between each set.

We’re increasing the weight this week with potentially fewer reps, depending on how you feel (but still a max of 8). The unweighted BSS stays at 8 reps.

Part B:
Every 5 mins, for 5 rounds:
200m Run
12 Goblet Squats
80 DU / 120 SU

Suggested Warm Up:
Jog 100m
1 Minute on Jump Rope (or jumping jacks)
10 in place lunges
10 side ninja lunges
10 standing quad stretches
10 spiderman reaches
10 Air Squats
1 min jump rope
Jog 100m

Unloaded BSS x4
Loaded Goblet squat x4
15 Hollow rocks
10 Pendulum swings (on back)
20 calf raises (on ground or steps or plate)