Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Part A:
With a team of 3 – accumulate 150 calories assault bike*
With a team of 3 – Accumulate 150 calories on rower**

RX Standards (Bike)
*RPM cannot drop below 80 for males / 65 for females – switch when RPM drops

RX Standards (Rower)
**Cals / hr cannot drop below 1900/1400 – switch when cals / hr drops below that threshold

C: 75/60 rpm
M: 70/55 rpm

C: 1500 cals/hr (M) or 1250 cals/ hr (F)
M: 1150 cals/hr (M) or 900 cals/hr (F)

Part B:
4 Rounds
400m Run
15 Burpees


Class Notes:
Today we’re practicing sprint intervals in Part A. You have to maintain an RPM or CALS/HR above a certain threshold. Once the RPM/CALS drops, SWITCH!

Part B is designed to be a longer workout, but the intensity should stay very high. This is akin to your 1 mile pace or your 2000m row pace. Push the pace early and ride the line the entire workout.