Wednesday, 13 February 2019

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Part A:
Back Squat
5 x 4 @ 90% of 5RM

Part B:
EMOM 10 mins
3 UB Thrusters – you choose the weight


I promised you last week that we’d go down to 5×4 this week, so here it is. The challenge (and there’s always a catch) is that you’re now going up in weight to a true 90%. This will be heavy and require mental and physical grinding through these sets. The warm-up protocol from last week applies – a couple reps EMOM or close to it up to about 80% and then a working set somewhere between 80-85% of 2-3 reps. The goal is to feel something heavy on your back and legs. You do not need to do 4’s all the way up to 90%!

Part B continues the thruster EMOMs we’ve been doing. I think they’re paying off. Last week humbled a whole lot of people but you accumulated a lot of great volume. This week you get to show off a little more with heavier weights since you’re only doing 3 reps EMOM. But, your legs will be purposefully pre-fatigued by the squats. So, have fun?