Tuesday, 8 January 2019

CF Kids will begin Today (Tuesday). This will be for kids 10-15 years old. The schedule is Tuesday / Thursday at 415pm, lasting one hour. Classes start January 8th, Tuesday.

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Please email Curtis with any questions.


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Start: Today (Tuesday), January 8th at 7pm.


Part A:
EMOM 10 mins:
Up to 10 C2B – must be unbroken*

*Choose a number you can go confidently go unbroken for all 10 rounds.

Banded Lat Pulldowns
Pull-up negatives – 1 rep for :03-:05 second negative

Part B:
Score the round completed of chosen number of pull-ups from Part A.

Part C:
DB Strict Press 35/25
Box Steps Overs (35/25 – 24/20)

C / M: 25/15

Time Cap: 18 minutes


Part A Intent – This rep scheme is simple. Pick a number of reps you think you can finish. Then note either if you make it for all 10 minutes or what round you fail. This is capacity testing.

Part B Intent – Today won’t be a breather as much as a workout that induces muscular fatigue. Small sets on the DB strict press and big sets on the step overs.


Circuit Fit (630a/630p/730p)
0:00 – 10:00: 1500m Row, then max Push Ups in remaining time
10:00 – 13:00: Rest
13:00 – 20:00: 1000m Row, then max Air Squats in remaining time
20:00 – 23:00: Rest
23:00 – 27:00: 500m Row, then max Box Jumps in remaining time