Tuesday, 24 March 2020

We are still closed!

Additional information:
– Our next distribution for the equipment loans is Wednesday, 12-2pm. This will mark one week for many of you. You may return your current gear for new stuff then as well. Or keep it for the allowed week.

– WODs will continue to be posted daily for you to do at home. Look for the WOD on this page and on our IG/FB pages.

– Please check your email for an update from us that went out today!

Thank you for all of your continued support.


AMRAP 25 mins
60m Shuttle Runs (10m increments)
10m HS Walk ( Subs: 15 HSPUs, 15 DB or BB Strict Press, or 5 Wall Walks or :30-45 Handstand Hold)
20 Barbell or Object facing, Over the Bar Burpees


Mark out 10m. The shuttle runs should have be fast!
Select an inverted movement or substitution for that movement. We’ve got several great options.
Pick an object that you’ll do a burpee, facing it, and then over it (gym bag, bench, etc.) There’s no need to clap or open hips. Just get over it safely!

Suggested Warm-Up:
Shuttle Runs:
(Using your 10m)
Light jog
High Knees
High Knees backpedaling
Side shuffle down & back
Karioca down & back
10m Inchwork with Push up
10m Bear crawl (low knees)
10m Bear walk (stiff legs)

Shoulders (2x)
10 Shoulder Pass Thrus + 10 Around the Worlds
5 Presses (whichever object), both arms
4 Tempo Presses (:03 up, :02 hold, :01 back to rack)
20 Arm Circles (full range of motion)
2 Wall Walks to inversion, or as high as you’re comfortable
3-5 Push ups

Samson Stretch :30/each side
Lizard Stretch (elbow down) :30/each side
Pigeon Pose :30/each side