Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Part A:
Every 90 seconds for 10 rounds (15 Min)

Build to heavy Power Clean Single *

*At start of every rep, do 5 bar over burpees

Part B:
5 Rounds
50 Unbroken DU’s
10 Unbroken DB Snatch (70/45)

C: 50/35
M: single under, 25/15

RX – Both movements must be UNBROKEN

Cap: 12 minutes

Scoring: Time to complete the workout plus 1 second for every missed rep (ie: 4 rounds +10 double unders = score of 12:50 (12 minutes + 40 double unders + 10 DB snatch))


Today is pure fitness. Part A is testing your ability to execute Olympic lifts under fatigue – a common part of conditioning. The burpees are either lateral or bar facing depending on the class size – your coach will guide you. Either way, practice the standard where you’re jumping up and back with both feet. Now is the time to engrain good movement patterns.

Part B is deceptively difficult. Your lungs will likely be your limiting factor in this workout as the rep ranges are manageable on the double unders and the DB snatch should be light. This should be a weight you can CYCLE UNBROKEN. If you have to do singles, it is TOO HEAVY.