Tuesday, 12 February 2019

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CrossFit Kids for 10-15 year olds. Every Tuesday and Thursday at 415pm. Sign up here to join!


In teams of 4:
AMRAP 24 mins
Accumulate for total reps:
Assault Bike Calories
Rope Climbs / Ring Rows
Double Under or Double Under Attempts

*Must rotate to new station every 90 seconds

Score 1: Assault Bike Calories for Team
Score 2: Rope Climbs for Team
Score 3: Double Under for Team
Score 4: TTB for Team

M: Pick a scale that allows you to continue to move for the 90 seconds.


Today is LONG, LONG, LONG! The easiest way to get the best score today is, of course, to sandbag all the movements and rack up the reps on the jump rope. And if your goal is to win the leaderboard, go right ahead and do that! But, 90 seconds is a fair amount of time to work on two other skills under a high degree of fatigue – rope climbs or ring rows and Toe to Bar. Pick the way to attack this workout that works best for your perceived weaknesses and training.

For me, I’d try and push the pace on the bike and rope climbs and recover on the double unders since those first two movements are my weaknesses.


Circuit Fit (630a/630p/730p)
Part A:
AMRAP 20 mins
20/15 Cal Row
15 Push Ups
12 Box Jumps

Part B:
Mid line
AMRAP 4 mins Max TTB