Thursday, 5 September 2019

Part A:
Intensity / Consistency
1 mile run
2000m row
1 mile run

800m run
1500m row
800m run

Part B (Not for time or for score):
3 sets:
100m unbroken farmers carry (AHAP)*
Rest as needed

*If you break; drop weight for next set


Sgt Major Jerry Dwayne Patton, 40, died on 15 October 2008 during High Altitude High Opening (HAHO) training while assigned to Army USSOCOM preparing for deployment to Afghanistan. Jerry is survived by his wife Molly and his sons Chad, Cody, Chase and Connor.

Each of these movements is relatively straightforward. The key to the workout is just focus on the next chunk and not get overwhelmed.

Part B – one KB or DB or plate. It’s up to you what to carry. And it’s up to you how to rest. We would suggest resting about 2 minutes between sets but some of you might be able to go faster.


Circuit Fit (630a/630p/730p)
Part A:
DB Thrusters (45’s/35’s)
EMOM stop and do 3 burpees

Part B:
3 Rounds
:30 Flutter Kicks
1 min plank
~rest 1 min after each round~