Sunday, 22 March 2020

We are still closed!

Additional information:
– Our next distribution for the equipment loans is this Monday,12-2pm. You may return your current gear for new stuff then as well. Or keep it for the allowed week.

– WODs will continue to be posted daily for you to do at home. Look for the WOD on this page and on our IG/FB pages.

– We are going to continue to do what is optimal for the safety of our community during this difficult time.

Thank you for all of your continued support.


3 Rounds
1 Mile Run
50 Sit Ups


Rest Day


Suggested Warm up:
Jog 100m
Then 40m of each:
Butt kicks
High Knees
Ninja Lunges 20m R, 20m L
Walking Quad Pulls
Frankenstein Straight Leg Kicks
Jog 100m

Finish with:
Standing Leg Swings
20 Front-to-back
20 Lateral per leg