Mike Hussey

Mike’s first CrossFit experience was in 2007 while in college preparing for entry into the Marine Corps. At the time he considered himself an athlete having played college lacrosse. But he was immediately humbled at his relative lack of fitness. From that point on he was hooked and determined to improve. CrossFit inspired him to approach physical fitness holistically and helped push his limits of strength, endurance, and body mechanics. When he moved back to Arlington in 2012 he joined CFA/CFFC and began competing in the local area until he left on orders in 2014. The beauty of CrossFit is that the communal feeling of self-improvement and wellness is ubiquitous no matter where you travel and he continued his fitness journey and coaching while in North Carolina and on deployment. As an infantry officer it was his responsibility to expand his unit’s physical capacity and cohesion in order to adequately prepare them for the rigors of their profession. With his CF L-1 certification he found functional fitness is an excellent medium to increase physical and mental capacity and it has provided him an opportunity to grow as an athlete, a leader, and a coach. He returned to Arlington in 2019 and to Adaptation/CFFC and takes immense pleasure in coaching others to higher levels of fitness.