John McCarthy

John found CrossFit in 2009 after informing a friend that he needed to get in shape in order to get into the Marine Corps. At the time he could not do a single pull up and failed to complete a 3 mile run for time. One year of CrossFit later, and he was completing 20 strict pullups, and a 19 min three mile run. It felt as though he had discovered something great. He wanted to help other people have the same experience. In 2011 he obtained the CFL1, and began coaching at two gyms simultaneously, between college and going on active duty. He went on to coach at Self Made Crossfit (Now Savin Rock Crossfit) and North Haven Crossfit. During that time he obtained his CrossFit Kids certification and gained the bulk of experience in helping athletes reach their fitness goals. He went on active duty in 2013 and has served as an infantry officer ever since.