Amanda Agostnelli

Amanda studied Interventional Radiology at UVA, graduated in 2012 and moved to Fairfax where she’s been a Radiologic Technologist ever since. She moved to Fairfax in 2012 and just felt like she was missing something in her life. She decided to try some group classes and became extremely addicted to exercise almost immediately. Shortly thereafter she started lifting weights independently and prepping for body building competitions (bikini division). She did several bikini competitions before she realized that she no longer felt healthy. She felt run down and malnourished. After she got herself back in check and learned more about performance based dieting she realized she was bored and lacking motivation now that she didn’t have that goal of being on stage anymore. She joined CrossFit with her husband and they knew they were where they belonged almost instantly. She has her CF L-1 but is also currently studying to get a Precision Nutrition Certification and is attending a course in April with the Nutritional Coaching Institute to become a specialist in Macronutrient style dieting.