Saturday, 2 June 2018

Team WOD – each team gets one bike, one male/female barbell, one rope for climbing

AMRAP 30 mins
In teams of 4-5
50 calories AB
1 round DT-style intervals (115/75) per person
1 rope climb per person

*DT – 12 DL, 9 HPC, 6 STO

M – 95/65 on barbell and 2 rope stand-up = 1 rope climb

*Barbell cannot touch ground except during DL. Mixed gender teams – both barbells cannot touch ground. Penalty – 200m lap run


Saturday grind time. Find a team of 4-5 of your friends and grab an assault bike, a barbell, and some weights. Each team has to do 50 calories on the assault bike. Then each team member has to do a full round of DT – unbroken. After each team member does a round of DT, each team member has to do a rope climb. If you don’t have rope climbs yet, two rope stand-ups. Then back to the bike.

The challenge is at no point can the barbell touch the ground. Each transition between team members must keep the barbell off the ground. Communication, patience, and teamwork will be key.