Monday, 7 January 2019

CF Kids will begin Tuesday. This will be for kids 10-15 years old. The schedule is Tuesday / Thursday at 415pm, lasting one hour. Classes start January 8th, Tuesday.

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Please email Curtis with any questions.


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Start: Tomorrow (Tuesday), January 8th at 7pm.


Part A:
In 20 minutes, establish 5RM Back Squat

Part B:
2 Rounds
21/18 Cal Row
15 UB Front Squats (115/85)
9 Lateral Burpee over bar

C: 95/65
M: 65/45

Time cap: 5 minutes*

*Add one second for every rep over time cap


As you’re building, no need to do 5RM at every level. During your warm-up sets, build with 2’s and 3’s, then when you start to be closer to what you believe is a heavy weight, then switch to 5’s. Your 5RM should be at least 75% of your 1RM for planning purposes. Of course, you can build with 5’s the whole way.

Part B – You need to be able to go unbroken on the Front Squats to beat the time cap. It’s the intensity, not the weight that matters! Scale if needed.