Monday, 23 March 2020

We are still closed!

Additional information:
– Our next distribution for the equipment loans is today, Monday, 12-2pm. You may return your current gear for new stuff then as well. Or keep it for the allowed week.

– WODs will continue to be posted daily for you to do at home. Look for the WOD on this page and on our IG/FB pages.

– Please check your email for an update from us that went out today!

Thank you for all of your continued support.


Part A:
With equipment
10 Push Ups
10 KB Deadlifts

Without equipment
10 Push Ups
10 Odd Object Sumo or traditional Deadlifts
10 Odd Object Swings

Part B:
With equipment
300 Double Unders for time
(500 Single Unders for time)

Without equipment
150 Tuck Jumps for time


Suggested Warm-Up
Jog 200m (easy)
10 SPT (pvc or sweatshirt or other object)
15 good mornings
10 Scorpion Stretches with Reach Ups towards ceiling
20 Hollow Rocks into 10 Pendulum Swings
10 Glute Bridges + 10 Supermen
:60 Pec stretch (pvc, doorway, railing hold) each

Jog 100m (moderate)
5 Hand-release Push Ups
10 Bent-over rows (with object or KB)
5 Standard Push Ups
5 Russian KBS into 5 American KBS
5 Standard Push ups

Finish up with:
Down-dog calve pumps (20)
Groiners (10)
:30 Pigeon Pose