Friday, 22 May 2020

The next Gear Lending Day is Saturday, May 23rd, 11a-3p.

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Zoom Class for Friday’s WOD!
Tune in at 7am or 3pm, today.
Link is on our FB Group Page.


Part A:
6 Rounds
8 Goblet Squats
8 Shoulder to Overhead
10 Weighted Box Step Overs
10 Weighted Sit Up

Part B:
1 min R. Side Plank
1 min L. Side Plank
1 min Rest
:45, :45, :45 Rest
:30, :30, :30 Rest
:15, :15, :15 Rest
Accumulate a 3 min Squat Hold


Goblet Squats with anything from KB, DB, slamball, or backpack. S2OH can be any object, completed either with both arms or broken down & shared between each arm. Step over anything (20-24” is fine). For step overs, you don’t need to open hips. Hold the object anyway you’d like. For weighted sit ups use anything from slamball to a plate or backpack. If no weight is used then complete 15 standard sit ups per round.


Suggested Warm Up:
Jog 200m or 250m Row or :90 Jump Rope
Lunge + Lunge + Squat (x10)
Inchworms with Push-Up (x10)
Spiderman + Reach (x6)
10 ATWs
5 Step overs
10 Sit Ups

5 Right-armed weighted Press (light)
5 Left-weighted Press (light)
3 Push Press (right + left)
3 Push Jerks ( right + left)

Finish up with:
10m (4-5 on each side) Samson Stretch Complex:
Samson Stretch, 5 secs
Lizard, 5 secs
Pigeon, 5 secs