Friday, 12 April 2019

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Part A:
In 15 minutes,
7×5 weighted strict Pull-Ups – as heavy as possible

If you still are working on strict pull-ups:

Min 1-5
EMOM: 10 PVC lat pulldowns

Min 6-10
EMOM: 10 banded strict pull-ups – If unbroken last week, use less band tension

Min 11-15: 3 attempts max chin over bar hold – rest :60 second between attempts

Part B:
C2B Pull-Ups
Single Arm DB Hang Clean and Jerk (50/35)

C: 20-15-10 C2B or 30-20-10 Pullups; 45/35 DB
M: 20-15-10 pull-ups or 30-20-10 Jumping Pull-ups; 25/15 DB


This is the last week we’re doing weighted pull-ups. By this point, you should be doing 5 reps at the same weight you tested for your 1RM way back in the beginning of March. You’ll be re-testing that 1RM next week. I’m hopeful that every week we have another person who earns their first strict pull-up!

In Part B, I’d traditionally program something high skill (bar muscle ups or ring muscle-ups, etc…) and then scale from there. However, today the RX version of the movement is C2B, meaning that the expectation is big sets. If you’re doing these C2B in singles early in the workout, you’ve missed the point, and you need to scale down. Scaling down means, C2B but lowered reps – or move to standard chin over the bar pull-ups.