The Coaches

We’re a pretty diverse group.  The bulk of our coaches have been running CF classes for over six years.  Some of us for 10 years plus!  Many of us come from law enforcement and military backgrounds.  And we’re all very passionate about what we do both here, and at our sister gym, CrossFit Adaptation.  Read more about our staff here.

What We Do

We offer anywhere from 7-8 group classes per day.  In addition to our CrossFit group and Elements classes we offer both an Olympic Lifting and Gymnastics workshop, regular yoga classes, personal training, and lots of social events!  We even have a Barbell Club.  More than any other CrossFit affiliate in our area offers.  If they’re cheaper, then it’s for a reason (so be wary!).  By the way, you can also work out at our sister gym, CrossFit Adaptation, under the same membership.  All of our memberships are month to month, with no contracts.

Our Community

A diverse group.  We’re students, 20 to 60 somethings, parents, and retirees.  We’ve got elite level athletes and just average folks that want to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle.  Some of us haven’t worked out in years before starting CrossFit and had a zero baseline for fitness.  Some of us are competitive CrossFitters entering all sorts of individual and team events.  It doesn’t matter — we’re a perfect fit for all!

Still Have Questions?

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