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Thursday, 20 June 2019

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CrossFit Kids returns this Summer! 7/29-8/29. Tues/Thurs at 10am.
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Olympic Lifting Clinic

Sundays 10:00am

CrossFit Adaptation with Coach Rick Bucinell.

Sunday JUNE 23nd!


$150.00 flat fee


Olympic-style focus in six, 1-hour Sunday sessions totally dedicated to each of the Olympic lifts. Get the guidance to improve your lifting technique & recognize your mistakes on your own.

Imagine what moving more efficiently with proper technique can do to prevent injury & improve your WOD times!

~ Simple cues resulting in efficient movement
~ How your thoughts influence body mechanics
~ Mobility & flexibility techniques to improve your lifting
~ Purposeful accessory movements

(A minimum of 6 participants is needed for the clinic to be held)


Part A
Using 70% of what you hit on June 3rd (or 1RM), 4×10 Back Squat; rest for at least 3 minutes between sets


Using 50% of what you hit on June 3rd (or 1RM), 4×10 Back Rack Lunges (5 reps per leg); rest for at least 3 minutes between sets

Part B
Min 1: Max calories row
Min 2: Rest
Min 3: Max Box Step overs (50/35 – 24/20”)
Min 4: Rest

Min 1: Max calories row
Min 2: Rest
Min 3: Max Box Step overs (35/15 – 20/16”)
Min 4: Rest


Part A continues the dynamic part of the squat progression. The preference is that you stay with either the lunges or squats and continue what you did from the prior week, but you’re free to switch it up if you’d like.

Part B is a series of mini-sprints. The goal here on the rower is straightforward – go hard and hang on. The goal on the box is a little different depending on your height. If you’re very tall and the box is relatively short, try to go unbroken every round. If the box is very tall for you, pick a number (ie: 15) every round and try to hit that every time.


Circuit Fit (630a/630p/730p)
6 Rounds
AMRAP 4 mins
20/15 Cal Row
30 DU
12 Push Ups

Rest one minute between rounds, picking up where you left off.

CrossFit Falls Church


At CrossFit Falls Church we strive to provide the highest quality fitness experience to our members. With the highest level of coaching, second to none.

We deliver a fitness program that is broad, general, and inclusive.  Our specialty is not specializing, and the benefits are seen in everyday life. Regardless of your background or goals.

Our program is universally scalable. With a top notch introductory program. It is applicable for any committed individual regardless of experience.  Whether you are accustomed to sitting at a desk all day or you are a seasoned athlete, we’ve got you covered. We use the same routines and programs across the board, but scale load and intensity to meet all skill levels and fitness goals. It works for everyone!  Young and old, men and women, elite athletes or those who are simply seeking a healthier lifestyle and want to just get fit!  Still curious?

Check out our free class every Saturday at 11am.  There's no need to sign up in advance.  Just show up.  If you'd like to just get started with our program then the first step is to sign up for our Elements program here.  Still not sure about CrossFit?  Then try our Circuit Fit classes!  You can purchase a Circuit Fit punch card here.


    Why CFFC?

  • Fitness programs for all skill levels
  • Experienced, knowledgeable coaches
  • Family-friendly community
  • Commitment to your success

July Elements


CrossFit Kids Summer Program with Coach Heidi! Dates: July 9 - August 29 (2 month commitment) Times: Every Tuesday and Thursday at 10am Cost: Two month commitment. 15% off if you sign up before June 1st ($272). Sign Up HERE. Ages 10-15.

Free Intro Class

New to CrossFit? Come in for a FREE workout! CFFC provides a free workout for non-members that are interested in joining our community. See the gym and meet our coaches. This class is every Saturday at 11:00 AM and there is no need to sign up in advance so just show up.